Arris C4® Integrated CMTS

Product Overview

This solution supports Full D3.0 service and provides world-class performance in hardware-based high-performance data processing and voice/multimedia services.

Upstream Module

  • 12UCableAccessModule(CAMs)
  • 24UCableAccessModule(CAMs)

Downstream Module

  • 16D Cable Access Module(CAMs)
  • 32D Cable Access Module(CAMs)


  • Router Control Module 1x10G(XFP), 10x1G(SFP, Copper)


  • System Control Module


  • High-integration solution with a total of 21 slots.
  • Guarantees maximum Wire Speed network performance
  • Provides flexible services (optional upstream: downstream ratio)
  • Provides high levels of stability / reliability / scalability
  • (n+1) Hitless CAM redundancy
  • Supports system module redundancy for SCM / RCM / PCM / FAN / Power

99.999% utilization

= Highest level of stability / reliability in the industry with 5.26 minutes per year