Infoblox Trinzic DDI™

Product Overview

Infoblox Trinzic DDI ™ is an integrated DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) product based on single appliances. Trinzic DDI is fully integrated with Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers and applies optimal IP address management and automated error checking technology. It also supports Infoblox Grid ™ architecture, which provides the most advanced high availability, fault tolerance and scalability.

Infoblox Trinzic DDI

1. Infoblox Trinzic DDI

  • Dedicated hardware (1U ~ 3U Size)
  • Dedicated operating system (NIOS)
  • Dedicated Database
  • System level HA technology
  • Applies grid technology and synchronization with enhanced security among members
  • Service-specific function module
  • Supports both IPv4 / IPv6
  • Internal DNS / External DNS
  • DHCP / Authenticated DHCP
  • Supports Network Access Control interlocking
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Supports dynamic devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Supports VoIP function
  • Infoblox Trinzic DDI management screen
Infoblox Trinzic DDI 관리 화면

2. Infoblox Trinzic DDI management screen

  • Supports automation and powerful visual UI through integration of advanced DNS, DHCP and IP address management
  • Guarantees the best security and reliability through independent DB and Role Update
  • Achieves business goal through large-scale scalability and availability through grid configuration
  • Overcomes difficulties of IPv6 and virtualization cloud transition and growth
  • Strengthens existing investments and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft DNS and DHCP services
  • With just one-click, simplifies infrastructure management through automation of networking tasks.
Infoblox Trinzic Reporting

Customizable Dashboard

3. Infoblox Trinzic Reporting

Trinzic Reporting provides the best reporting functions for real-time analysis, history analysis, trend analysis and tracking in Infoblox's DNS, DHCP and IP address management (IPAM) environment. Trinzic Reporting, integrated by Grid ™ technology, is a powerful and easy-to-use reporting engine for real-time management and identification of networks or network services.

4. Trinzic Reporting 기능

  • On demand and subscription DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP address management) report, trends and analysis
  • DNS/DDNS's highly requested domain, reply trends, cache utilization rate/trends, QPS trends, upstream users, etc.
  • DHCP's address assignment history, status change, message rate trends, upstream users, usage statistics and trends, etc.
  • IPAM's subnet usage statistics and subnet with high frequency of use
  • System report, grid member-specific CPU utilization trends, memory usage trends, traffic usage
  • Various dashboards with easy user-defined reports, addition and deletion of graphs and diagrams
  • When a report in PDF format created according to individual requirement is needed, or when provision per schedule is needed
  • Store and backup information
  • Send reports in XML or CSV format
  • All reports can be viewed via Infoblox GUI

5. Commonly Used Reporting Functions

DNS TOP Requested Domains

DNS Replies Trend

DNS TOP Client

System CPU Utilization

DNS Query Rate Trends

DHCP Top Talkers